A dispatcher filter that prepares the language code to be used.

This filter MUST be used right after Routing filter or an exception will be throw.


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beforeDispatch(\Cake\Event\Event $event) : void

Prepares the default language to use by the script.

Detection Methods

This method applies the following detection methods when looking for language to use:

  • GET parameter: If locale GET parameter is present in current request, and if it's a valid language code, then will be used as current language and also will be persisted on locale session for further use.

  • URL: If current URL is prefixed with a valid language code and url_locale_prefix option is enabled, URL's language code will be used.

  • Locale session: If locale session exists it will be used.

  • User session: If user is logged in and has selected a valid preferred language it will be used.

  • Default: Site's language will be used otherwise.

Locale Prefix

If url_locale_prefix option is enabled, and current request's URL is not language prefixed, user will be redirected to a locale-prefixed version of the requested URL (using the language code selected as explained above).

For example:


Might redirects to:



\Cake\Event\Event $event

containing the request, response and additional parameters



When no valid request object could be found